Coastal Walk Right Front-Connect Dog Harness - Black

Coastal’s Walk Right Harness is their #1 harness for preventing pulling. Fully adjustable. Keeps pressure off your dog's neck.

  • Front-connect ring gently and naturally guides dogs to prevent pulling. 
  • Designed to reduce neck strain and discomfort while walking. 
  • Soft padded harness provides added comfort.

  • Back-connect ring available for standard use.

  • Easy to place on dog with simple over-the-head design.


Benefits of a Walk Right Front-Connect harness -

  • DISCOURAGES PULLING. A front connect harness discourages pulling because it limits a dog’s forward motion. 
  • JUMPING/TRAINING. If your dog jumps up against people, a harness is also a good way to stop the action without worrying about choking the dog in the process. 
  • CHOKING AND INJURIES. Neck and trachea injuries can occur, even in larger dogs, with constantly yanking, pulling or fighting a leash. Harnesses take the direct stress off the neck and distribute the force across the chest area.



  • Small 16”-24” girth
  • Medium 20”-30” girth
  • Large 26”-38” girth
  • XL 27”-43” girth



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