Bionic Urban Stick Dog Toy

Bionic Pet Product’s unique dog toys engage dogs and owners through appealing designs, attractive colors, shapes, smells, use of recyclable and eco-friendly products and materials like Bionic Rubber®.

Smaller dogs generally have sharper teeth which require a toy to have more puncture resistance yet softer since a toy that's too hard could cause harm to the dog's teeth.

Large dogs have much force (pressure) in their bite but also have teeth with more surface area which can more easily destroy soft toys; toys that are a bit harder are a better option for ensuring durability.

Dishwasher safe, extremely durable, floats and withstands the aggressive play patterns of most pets; made from FDA Food Grade, non-toxic, 100% recyclable materials.

Bionic Urban Stick

Bionic Urban Stick is an interactive three-in-one toy. Great for  throw and fetch, tug play and a chew toy. Unique design creates spiral motion for medium distance throwing. Contoured ridges create a throwing grip and uneven surface that dogs love to chew. Ultra durable chew toy with open center for stuffing treats. Floats.

Bionic’s Sizing Guide (overlaps)

Small:                    Dogs to 20 lbs

Medium:                 15-35 lbs

Large:                    30-60 lbs

XL:                          60-90 lbs


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