Contech ProCollar

Contech was founded in 1987 as a small, Canadian company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative and environmentally-friendly products for the pet and garden industries.

The ProCollar Premium Collar protects recovering pets from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.  Unlike traditional "lampshade" cones, the comfortable ProCollar allows pets to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected. Durable, lightweight with breathable fabric, the ProCollar does not block vision. Pets, as a result, rarely fight the ProCollar the way they would fight the lampshade versions. They usually adapt quickly and it becomes their portable recovery pillow! The pet’s regular collar threads through the ProCollar’s inner collar rings, holding it in place.

The outer cover of the ProCollar is machine washable on gentle cycle (air dry) and can be used repeatedly.

Sizing Chart (Neck Size)

  • X-Small <6" (<15 cm)
  • Small 6-10" (15-25 cm)
  • Med 10-13" (25-33 cm)
  • Large 13-18" (33-45 cm)
  • X-Large 18-22" (45-66 cm)
  • XX-Large >22" (>56 cm)


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