Dog Gone Smart Trailblazer Jacket - 3 Color Choices - Clearance

Dog Gone Smart TrailblazerJackets have it all!  Cutting-edge design and hip color pallet make this jacket a "treat" for any dog! The Trailblazer jackets are a welcome and exciting edition to the Dog Gone Smart collection for pet owners everywhere. The Trailblazer jackets sport a sleek design, with a more tailored fit.  Waterproof zipper feature for easy attachment to harness. These jackets feature the Repelz-It technology throughout, elastic waist with dual velcro belly closures. The sporty and rugged look will make your dog the sharpest dresser on the block.

  • Repelz-It Nanoprotection (*) repels dirt, stains, liquids
  • water-resistant outer shell
  • waterproof zipper/harness clot for easy leash attachment to any dog harness
  • full belly coverage keeps dogs warm and dry
  • dual Velcro closures with elastic waist band

Remaining in following Sizes/Back Lengths (Colors):  8” (All Colors), 10” (Purple with Fuchsia), 12" Grey with Orange, Purple with Fuchsia), 14” (Purple with Fuchsia)

(*) Dog Gone Smart uses Repelz- It Nanoprotection to keep pet beds and apparel looking and smelling clean.  Water-reststant Repelz-It uses both nanotechnology and a state-of-the art bacteriostatic to keep stains, dirt, liquid, bacteria and pet odors from clinging to the fabric.  Repelz It Nanoprotection is pet-safe and APA approved; it is PFOA and PFOS free (PFOA and PFOS are known carcinogens found in some stay-clean fabric finishes)

Dog Gone Smart fabrics using Repelz-It™ can be machine washed and dried. Because these fabrics don’t get as dirty and smelly as regular fabrics, you
 don’t have to wash these pet products as often. Use a small amount of regular detergent and be sure not to use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as these will ruin the Repelz-It finish. Dog Gone Smart bed liners and fill cannot be washed,
 but should be shaken out and aired. Repelz-It™ Nanoprotection can remain functional up to 50 washing cycles.


SIZING GUIDE (The entire Dog Gone Smart Size Chart and measuring diagram can be accessed by clicking on Size Charts at the bottom of this page):

Back Length 8 inches:    Neck 7 min-9 max inches, Chest 11 min-13 max inches, Weight to 6 pounds

Back Length 10 inches:  Neck 8 min-12 max inches, Chest 12 min-15 max inches, Weight 7-11 pounds

Back Length 12 inches:  Neck 10 min-13 max inches, Chest 16 min-22 max inches, Weight 12-20 pounds

Back Length 14 inches:  Neck 12 min-15 max inches, Chest 18 min-24 max inches, Weight 20-25 pounds 

Back Length 16 inches:  Neck 14 min-17 max inches, Chest 18 min-24 max inches, Weight 20-30 pounds

Back Length 18 inches:  Neck 15 min -18 max inches, Chest 20 min-26 max inches, Weight 25-35 pounds

Back Length 20 inches:  Neck 17 min-21 max inches, Chest 22 min-28 max inches, Weight 30-40 pounds

Back Length 22 inches:  Neck 20 min-24 max inches, Chest 23 min-30 max inches, Weight 35-50 pounds  

Back Length 26 inches:  Neck 25 min-29 max inches, Chest 28 min-34 max inches, Weight 90+ pounds  


MEASURING (click Size Chart at bottom of page to refer to diagram) –


Make sure dog is standing STRAIGHT when you do this - not sitting down, not wriggling around, etc. Place one hand under your dog's chin and raise his head. Run your other hand along the flat part of his back towards the neck, until you come to the angle where your hand has to travel UP his neck. Measure from this point along his back to the end of the body allowing clearance for the tail. This is the BACK LENGTH measurement.


Do NOT measure from the collar as this will give a wrong measurement.


Measure around the body just behind the dog's front legs.

If the measurements are between sizes, or your pet has a stout build, deep chest, or is overweight, going up one size is recommended.

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