Hero Super Aero Dog Disk

Hero Super Aero Dog Disk is an advanced durability dog disc that is lighter than its Super Hero counterpart. Light weight plus durable plastic equals longer and more consistent throws with your favorite companion! For all dogs but the softer blend of plastic makes it a little more friendly for an older dog as the mouth and teeth get more sensitive.

Dog disk types differ in durability, weight glide, speed and aesthetics providing customers with options to suit the need, whether playing in the yard or participating in competitions. Strict standards for dog safety are maintained in producing the disks. The special plastic formula used is a soft, malleable compound that will puncture, rather than splinter.

Playing with your dog with discs can be a fun activity for both disk tosser and dog and can also provide some great exercise for your dog. 

Hero Disc is also involved in dogs’ disc competition and for the last few years has been putting on the Ashley Whippet World Championship and qualifiers for the Final event.

For those interested in competitive events, it’s good to check with event hosts/organizers to find which discs are allowed in which events.

Disc size: 235mm, standard size (approx 9 inches)

Made in California.

117-121 grams (approx 4.1-4.3 ounces)


Currently available in Orange, Yellow, Chartreuse and Blue



Collections: Dog Toys, For Your Pooch

Category: Discs Fetch-Toss Hero Disc Plastic

Type: Toys

Vendor: Hero Disc USA

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