Katie's Bumpers - Contra Bag

Katie's Bumpers products are safe; all of the designs on the bumpers are non-toxic and are molded into the vinyl in the manufacturing process and will not come off in your dog's mouth; most are made with tough fire hose. Whether a trainer doing land or water work or the dog loves to fetch, Katie's bumpers are a great way to provide enjoyable play time and exercise and to teach. Easy to see, easy to toss and great training tools. Made in the USA.

Safe and durable, but no toy is indestructible, and intended to be interactive toys and not intended to be chew toys. So, Katie reminds us to be good, responsible pet parents and whenever your pet is playing with any toy, including a Katie's Bumpers toy, do hot leave him/her unattended. Many of the toys are made with strong fire hose material and as the hose dye may run or bleed, the toys are best if used outdoors or on washable surfaces.

Play fetch or use for training, The Contra Bag is a great tool to teach your friend to recognize scents. Made with tough fire hose.  Fill the bag and use the velcro enclosure. Can he/she identify the scent?  Machine or dishwasher washable (air dry). 


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