Lupine Padded Handle Dog Leash - Jack O'Lantern

Lupine Pet Jack O’Lantern Dog Leash, perfect for your holiday jaunts. Limited Designs Dog Leash is available in 3 widths and multiple lengths, perfect for any adventure and any size dog!

  • Ultra-soft padded handle for comfort while walking even the strongest of pullers.  The custom designed padded handle on your Lupine leash sets it apart. Light-weight in hand with a brushed nylon underside to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Welded steel hardware
  • Strong, durable, beautiful, long lasting woven nylon webbing.  Lupine designs are woven right into the webbing – never printed – you can count on your Lupine Leash to withstand the rigors of time!
  • Stitching – Every Fiber MattersLupine utilizes the bar tack commonly used in mountain climbing products where superior strength is crucial.
  • Simple, secure snap for easy D-ring attachment. All Lupine dog leashes now feature a traditional trigger-style snap with a built in swivel to reduce twisting.
  •  Even if Chewed, Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Built in New Hampshire, USA.


Washing: Hand wash or machine-wash. If machine wash, use a mesh bag or just put them in with jeans and similar sturdy clothes. 

Key Washing Points –

  • Warm, not hot water.
  • Mild soap.
  • No bleach.
  • Air dry only – do not put in dryer (nylon may get all shriveled)!
  • For extreme situations, pre-soaking in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution may be helpful.
  • Remove gear when washing pet or gear until pet or gear dry completely is recommended; shampoos and other topical treatments containing bleaching agents, clarifiers, medicines, other chemicals can cause color to transfer to pet’s fur.

Lifetime Guarantee: Lupine will replace Lupine Pet brand dog collars, leashes or pet gear that has been accidentally damaged during normal pet-related activities, even chewing accidents. Products lost, outgrown, simply dirty or stinky, exhibiting normal wear and tear or fading, or damaged intentionally or through neglect are not guaranteed. Items that were donated, sponsored or given as a free promotion are not covered by the guarantee. For information on requesting a replacement please visit


Available Sizes

1/2” Width, 6’ Length

3/4” Width, 4’ Length

3/4” Width, 6’ Length

1” Width, 4’ Length

1” Width, 6’ Length



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