Lupine Pet H-Harness - Rose Garden

The Lupine Pet H-Harness - offered in 1/2″ patterns. Best for cats, can also be used on a small dogs and other small pets. Designed to help keep your favorite feline from escaping.

Available in girth sizes: 9″-14″ and 12″-20″

For Harnesses, measure pet’s girth (just behind the front legs) and add 5% for comfort. 

Lupine: The only pet products Guaranteed for Life, Even If Chewed!

  • High quality jacquard nylon webbing.
  • Tested for color fastness.
  • Rust resistant welded steel D-ring designed to hold up to years of heavy use.
  • Tri-Glide: non-slip teeth molded into nylon plastic tri-glide keeps size even with strong pullers.
  • High quality, strongest plastic buckle on the market; designed with pets in mind, buckle consistently tests stronger than even metal buckles and features an easy, convenient side

Lupine products covered by its "Even if Chewed" Guarantee. Built in New Hampshire, USA, inspired by durable components in climbing and hiking gear.

Washing: Machine-washing Lupine products is fine. Some use a mesh bag (to save wear-and-tear on the inside of the tub); some put them in with jeans and similar sturdy clothes.

Key Washing Points –

  • Warm, not hot water.
  • Mild soap.
  • No bleach.
  • Air dry only – do not put in dryer (nylon may get all shriveled)!
  • For extreme situations, pre-soaking in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution may be helpful.

Lupine guarantees products with accidental damage or hardware failure, including chewing. Products lost, outgrown or products that are simply worn are not guaranteed.

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