OurPet's Durapet Bowls

OurPet's, headquartered in Ohio, was founded with the goal of promoting pet health, well-being and owner & pet interaction by developing high quality, innovative products improving health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. Their unique product design process begins by looking at the health, behavioral and lifestyle needs of pets and owners and by finding ways to fill the needs. OurPet’s has become a leader in healthy feeding systems, interactive toys, innovative maintenance products and healthy consumables. Products are recommended by veterinarians, trainers and caring pet owners.

Durapet Bowls are made of high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring in the base that prevents sliding and undesirable noise. Dishwasher safe.

Unlike plastic bowls that may harbor bacteria or leach toxic plasticizers and colorants when they come in contact with food, Durapet Bowls are hygienic and will prove more economical in the long run when compared with plastic dishes. Durapet Bowls are for dogs and cats.


 Sizes:                                     Diameter                Depth

 0.75pt /12oz                              4.5”                        2”

 1.2pt /20oz                                5.25”                      2”

 1.25qt / 40oz                             6.5”                        2.5”

 2qt / 64oz                                  8”                           2.75”

 3qt / 96oz                                  9.25”                      3”

 4.5qt / 144oz                             10.5”                      3.25”



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