Paw Plunger

Paw Plunger helps eliminate the hassle of cleaning dirt, mud, snow and snow melting chemicals from paws. Gentle and safe; no sink or hose required! Just the Paw Plunger and a towel to dry the paws when done  Do your rugs, mopped floors and clean sofa a big favor. Great for all seasons.

Fill the Paw Plunger to the top of the bristles (best is cool, not cold, water in summer and warm, never hot, water in winter).

Gently place paw in Paw Plunger and plunge by moving the Paw Plunger up and down.

After each paw is cleaned, thoroughly dry with towel.

When finished, empty the water and rinse (standing water can allow for growth of bacteria).



Size Guide Colors       Size w Handle Height Width Weight Circumference Opening
Petite Puppies,Toy Breeds Black, Pink 5-1/4" 4" 3-1/2" 0.5 lbs 11-1/2" 2"
Medium 15 lbs to 75 lbs Black, Green, Blue 8-1/2" 6-1/2" 6" 1.47 lbs 19" 3-1/2"
Large Over 75 lbs Black 9-3/4" 9-1/2" 7" 2.13 lbs 22" 4-1/2"




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