PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots

Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots are disposable, yet reusable. Comfortable, moving with dogs providing full paw motion. Natural feeling, without padding, your dog feels secure feeling the ground.  Made of natural rubber, waterproof and 100% biodegradable.

Designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. 

Use in ice and snow, mud and clay, create a barrier against fire ants, harsh and lawn chemicals, bacteria. Use in association with pad rashes, post-surgical infection and post-grooming. Plus, protect the carpets and furniture.

An effective alternative to expensive dog boots.

Health and safety is priority 1.  Maintain paw health and observe the following.

  1. Pawz Dog Boots are waterproof. Since water can’t get in, it also can’t out. Since your dog sweats through the paw you will often find the paw moist after removing the boot. For this reason, do not leave the boots on for an extended period of time. Please remove when your dog is resting and or is unsupervised.
  2. If Pawz are being used with a medical bandage, please be sure to purchase a larger size then usual to accommodate the increased diameter of the leg and surgical bandage.
  3. Please be extra diligent if you your dog has an existing infection and or circulation problems as extended use can exacerbate these conditions.


The following is a basic guide to help selecting sizes (the PawZ website also provides a list of basic sizes for many breeds) and colors. Packages of 12.



Size     Pawz Size Guide Available Colors
   Paws to 1"             Tiny   Black, Apple Green   
   Paws to 1 1/2"              XXS   Black, Yellow   
   Paws to 2"             XS   Black, Orange  
   Paws to 2 1/2"             S   Black, Red  
   Paws to 3"             M   Black, Blue  
   Paws to 4"             L   Black, Purple  
   Paws 4" and Up              XL   Black, Green  


For best fit, measure from bottom of big heal pad to tip of longest toe nail. If between two sizes, select the larger size of the two. 

Pawz boots should fit securely around the leg and comfortable around the paw.

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