SmartLeash Auto-Lock Retractable Dog Leash


SmartLeash functions like other retractable leashes, that is, until your dog decides to run or lunge. That's when SmartLeash dog leashes lock, keeping the leashes from extending farther - Quickly, Safely, Automatically -  before your dog can get to higher speeds, in fact, in about 18".  Most likely sooner than the pet parent can react to his/her bolting dog. Safer for both dog and walker.  The dog leash remains locked until your dog releases tension. For added safety, the medium and large leashes feature a bungee at the end (smaller dogs do not generate the force to extend the bungee) to absorb stresses for both dog and walker..

Additional features include a soft, rubber handle,a bright yellow reflective tape so others can see you and your dog, a manual brake button (the automatic brake feature does not function when the leash is locked manually) and an optional wrist strap for added security.


Any device with parts that move to make our experience better and safer has proper means to utilize and precautions to take. True for all retractable leashes, including SmartLeash. Safety instructions will be sent with your SmartLeash.  Please read before using and remember, no feature is a substitute for attention to your dog and the surroundings (people, other animals, children, etc.) when taking a walk. Then, Enjoy Your Walks with your special friend!


Available in small (for dogs up to 22 lbs), medium (for dogs up to 40 lbs), large (for dogs up to 65 lbs) and black, blue, red.






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