YEOWWW! Rainbow Catnip Cat Toy

If your cat singing Judy Garland songs, don’t let ‘em fool ya; it’s catnip, not gold at the end of the rainbow. Measures 6”

DuckyWorld, home of world-famous catnip cat toys has felines across the planet saying “Yeowww!” Handmade in the USA and 100% stuffed with their own finest, premium, organically grown catnip. No cotton fillers, no plastic pieces, none of that toy grade catnip. Each toy is individually stuffed and hand-sewn - you are getting a carefully handcrafted toy with a touch of personality.

The fabric is high quality cotton twill strong enough to withstand as much scratching, biting, bunny-kicking and slobber a cat can dish out.

No chemicals or pesticides are used in cultivation; Yeowww! Catnip is completely safe for cats and humans.

Your cat will ask for Yeowww! by name!


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