Who We Are

Our Believe In Pets Mission:

We truly believe in pets, so much so, that we decided what better name to give our boutique online specialty store, than one that conveys our deep love of all animals great and small! We are just like you "Pet Parents" you could say, and we're incredibly devoted to the amazing creatures we have brought into our families and we know you are to. Our founder feels it's not about us, it's about the animals, our cherished companions, and providing the very best products we can find for their health and happiness is our daily mission.

Believe In Pets is a family owned and operated store and was created with the sole purpose of bringing our knowledgeable, friendly service to our online customers. Our family is pleased to fulfill our role to nourish, teach and provide for a quality, healthy life for the pets you love. We're not just another pet supplier, we are your bright, fun and engaging shopping experience -- a place you will grow to trust and love, just like we do. Believe In Pets caring team is here for all your dogs, cats and other loveable critters! 

Our 24/7 goal here at Believe In Pets is to provide our customers products that are aligned with our own beliefs. We feel that pets are loyal, loving members of the family, our faithful companions, who's only request for their constant devotion is good food to eat, water to hydrate, a safe and comfy place to lie down, yummy treats, healthy play and exercise and of course... our love. 

Committed to our vision of providing top-of-the-line products, and our passion for "all things pets" we will be supporting worthwhile causes and charities dedicated to the welfare and safety of hundreds of needy dogs, cats and neglected animals throughout the US. We are 100% determined to be a part of the solution in rescuing and saving unwanted, abandoned and abused animals.

Our trusted founders have discovered that pet parents seek out an online store filled with a wide variety of well-designed, healthy, useful and fun products, but they also want a place where they can join a community of likeminded pet owners who desire all the wonderful sharing, caring and fun exchanges that come with being a thoughtful consumer. In response to the many requests, Believe In Pets will be growing our Pet Parent Community on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as meeting places for all our online members and fans to share training tips, healthy pet advice, post photos of their little buddies to share and participate in our weekly Pet Pic Contest -- a world of caring and community involvement for all our Believe In Pets customers is our commitment to you.

Knowing that your pet is a significant part of your life, and that so many of your believe just as we do, everyone here at Believe In Pets hopes you enjoy your shopping and we always look forward to your product suggestions and feedback - we're here for you!