Earth Rated Dispenser with PoopBags

Earth Rated introduces its PoopBags as the thickest, longest bags available. The Earth Rated Dispenser includes 15 Bags.  Eco-friendly, lavender scented, affordable and the best possible choice for taking care of business.

Packaging is made from recycled paper; bags are conveniently dispensed on a recycled paper core instead of a plastic one.  

Extra-strong bags mean no ripped, torn, or wasted bags when you need to deal with extraordinary poops. 

Less Wasteful, Less toxic, More Responsible - One Poop at a Time.


Green Dispenser including Roll of 15 Eco-Friendly Bags

The cutest green dispenser on the market is available at the most affordable price, without compromising quality. The green dispenser, approximately 1.75 inches diameter and 4 inches long, is perfect for the 15 bags on a roll. Bags are unrolled 9” x 13”. 

Refill Packs

120 Lavender Scented  Eco-Friendly Bags on Rolls (8 Rolls of 15 bags)

Collections: For Your Home & Auto

Category: Earth Rated Waste Bags

Type: Waste Bags

Vendor: Earth Rated

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