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PawFlex is a disposable, non-adhesive, fur-friendly, super-stretch, breathable, water-resistant, easy to adjust, secure, comfortable doggie bandage – ALL IN ONE – with the wound pad already attached. The quickest, easiest, most hassle-free bandage system to use, literally taking seconds to secure and release. Take the stress out of changing bandages!

Comfortable, non-adhesive means no pulling fur or ripping skin; your dog will not lick or gnaw at the bandage and wound site due to adhesive tugging fur or the scent of adhesive. The super stretch fabric is soft and flexible moving with your dog allowing unrestricted and full mobility.

Breathable, sealing out germs and moisture while allowing air to circulate.

PawFlex™ bandages are water resistant, they will repel water unless fully submerged. No worry about bandage becoming waterlogged from licking (no matter how much your dog licks, PawFlex bandages will not saturate) or rain drops. Because not fully waterproof they maintain good breathability at all times.

(The MediMitt bandage does come with one outdoor waterproof cover in the box if needed)

The unique non slip application assures minimal slippage, even on the most active dogs. Designed to gently grip your dog’s fur without sticking or pulling fur. The double catch VelcroR fastener allows for a strong, secure hold with the ability to adjust and readjust tension easily and quickly for a perfect fit; never compromising the bandage’s integrity. Designed to stay on.

Easy on, easy off. Traditional bandaging usually needs to be removed with a scissor and plenty of fur pulling which causes pain, discomfort and stress. PawFlex™ bandages require you to just lift the Velcro-type tab and release.

Please Note: Always make sure you can comfortably place at least 1 finger between your dog and PawFlex™ bandage. You don’t want bandage too tight or too lose.


PawFlex MediMitt Bandage is for your dog's paws and is available in sizes  XXXSXXS, XS, S, M, L and XL to accommodate all dog breeds as well as cats.

A general guide follows though for the PawFlex™ MediMitt, you have to print the size chart out and place your dog’s paw against the chart to get a good fit (the best pace to get the most accurate chart is on the PawFlex website at the web address below).The size is based on the width (inches) of the paw.

When in doubt, select a bigger size rather than a smaller one.

XXXS:            width to 1.25"

XXS:              width to 1.5"  

XS:                width to 1.75"

S:                  width to 2.25"

M:                  width to 2.75"

L:                   width to 3.25"

XL:                 width to 3.75"  


---CONTENTS ( Per Size)---

MediMitts are packaged inside out

3XS - Medium

6 MediMitt Bandages
1 Outdoor Waterproof Cover

Large - X-Large

5 MediMitt Bandages
1 Outdoor Waterproof Cover


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