Platinum Pets Embossed Stainless Steel No-Tip Dog Bowl Pink

Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Embossed Non-Tip Dog Bowl's unique design will add color to your dog's meal every day. Stainless steel bowl  is tastefully embossed with paws and bones. Bowl is powder coated in a long lasting and dishwasher-safe finish; powder coated finish adds extra strength against wear and tear and weather and a lifetime guarantee against rust. Each bowl comes with a durable rubber base designed to help prevent spills and tipping by your dog.

Platinum Pets, California based, is a manufacturer of eco-friendly, designer products for your pets specializing in unique finishes. They help bring fashion and sparkle to your pet's collars, leashes and bowls. Products feature a durable, high-gloss finish that is dishwasher safe. The USA manufactured products are FDA compliant, E.U. certified, completely food safe; do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Embossed Stainless Steel No-Tip Bowl

  • Lifetime guarantee against rust
  • Finished in a durable powder coat
  • Embossed with paws and bones
  • Non-skid rubber base to prevent damage to floors
  • USA Company


16 ounce Bowl measures at 7.6" L x 7.6" W x 1.9" H ; 16 ounce (.5 quart) capacity
24 ounce Bowl measures at 8.75" L x 8.75" W x 2.25" H ; 24 ounce (.75 quart) capacity
32 ounce Bowl measures at 9.45" L x 9.45" W x 2.4" H ; 32 ounce (1 quart) capacity
6.25 cup Bowl measures at 11.75" L x 11.75" W x 2.5" H ; 6.25 cups
10 cup Bowl measures at 13.5" L x 13.5" W x 3.25" H ; 10.13 cups

*bowls are measured in fluid ounces and are rounded up to quart sizes

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